Tamil Meaning of 'Nightingales warble'

நைட்டிங்கேல் (இரவில் படும் பறவை) பறவைகள் பாடுகின்றன

Tamil Subject Dictionary - Cries of Animals (Pages: 2)

Apps gibber Asses bray
Bears growl Bees hum (buzz)
Birds chirp Bulls bellow
Cats mew (purr) Cocks crow
Cows low Crows caw
Cuckoos coo Dog bark, howl
Ducks quack Elephants trumpet
Foxes bark, yell Frogs croak
Geese cackle Goats bleats
Hens cacle Hogs grunt
Horses neigh Hyenas laugh
Jackals howl Kitten mew
Lambs bleat, baa Larks sing
Lions roar Monkeys chatter
Nightingales warble Owls hoot

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