Meaning of 'caiyokam'

s. copulation, coition, punarcci; 2. (Gr.) combination, coalition.

caiyokikka, caiyokampanna, to copulate.
caiyokatcaram, a compound letter.
caiyokai, spouse, consort, manaivi.
paracaiyokam, adultery.

Meaning of சையோகம்

s. copulation, coition, புணர்ச்சி; 2. (Gr.) combination, coalition.

சையோகிக்க, சையோகம்பண்ண, to copulate.
சையோகாட்சரம், a compound letter.
சையோகை, spouse, consort, மனைவி.
பரசையோகம், adultery.

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