Meaning of 'cer'

VI. v. t. gather together, collect, kuttu; 2. combine, unite, associate, icai; 3. amalgamate, mix, kala; 4. set, put, join, link together, inai; 5. add, insert, imaiyilcer; 6. receive or admit to one's company, eyyukkol; 7. encroach upon, oyyikkol; 8. make, build, construct; 9. cause to succeed or prosper; to conduct in safety to a destined place.

cerkkai, v. n. union, association, alliance; 2. joining, addition.
certti, certtikkai, v. n. close attachment, connection, intercourse.
certtukkolla, to admit into society; to receive into friendship; 2. to credit; 3. to encroach upon.
certtuvita, to join-as a woman to a man, a servant to a master etc; 2. to reconcile, pacify, unite, reunite.
certtuvaikka, to lay up a hoard, amass; 2. to pacify, to make friends.
cerppu, v. n. mixing, connection; 2. supplement, appendix.
kumukkucerkka, to gather persons for help.

Meaning of சேர்

சேரு, II. v. i. & t. approach, draw near, arrive at, சிட்டு; 2. be near, அடுத்திரு; 3. side with one, joint one, unite, associate with, collect, come together, கூடு; 4. belong to, அடு; 5. resemble, be alike, .

அது என்னை, (எனக்கு)ச் சேரும், I shall get it, I shall come by it.
அது என்னைச்சேர்ந்த நிலம், it is my land.
சபையைச் சேர்ந்தான், he joined the assembly or church, he visited the assembly.
சபையில் சேர்ந்தான், he joined the church as a member.
அவனோடு சேர்ந்தான், he associated with him, he sided with him.
சேர, adv. (inf.) jointly, altogether, wholly, near to.
சேரக்கட்ட, to tie together, as the hands etc; 2. to deliver, give over, remit, transmit, செலுத்துவிக்க.
சேரப்பார்க்க, to seek admittance; 2. to find whether the parts of a frame work fit each other.
சேராச் சேர்த்தி, a disproportioned match; inequality as of a married couple; 2. bad company, associating with improper persons; 3. confusion, disorder, தாறுமாறு.
சேரும்பாடும், promiscuously; in confusion.
சேர்கால், the hampered feet of beats.
சேர்ந்தார், friends, partisans, relations.
சேர்ந்தார்க் கொல்லி, fire (that which destroys those in contact with it.)
சேர்ந்துபோக, -நடக்க, to walk together or in ranks as soldiers.
சேர்மானம், union, association; 2. compounds, ingredients of a mixture.
சேர்விலங்கு, fetters for the feet or hands.
சேரல், v. n. drawing near, கிட்டல், (சேர்தல் சேருதல், v. ns.)

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