Meaning of 'cuppu'

III. v. t. suck out, sip, cappu.

cuppiyeyiya, to throw away the skin etc. after sucking the juice.
cuppi, v. n. an artificial nipple for children to suck.
mulai cuppa, to suck the breasts.

Meaning of சீப்பு

s. comb; 2. a cluster or comb of plantains; 3. bolt, தாழ்ப்பாள்; 4. the shutter of a sluice; 5. rib, bone of the shoulder joint; 6. bulrush, கோரை வகை; 7. that which is wafted or carried along, as fragrance by the wind.

சீப்பிட்டுச் சீவ, சீப்பாலே வாங்க, to comb, to comb off.
சீப்புச் சரட்டை, a fish with comb-like fins on the back.
சீப்புப்போட, to close down the shutter of a sluice.

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