Meaning of 'ottu'

s. Vedas, vetam; 2. a chapter or section, iyal; 3. rule, law, viti; 4. reciting, uttering as a mantra, otukai.

Meaning of அத்து

III. v. t. join, unite, make agree, இசை VI; 2. apply as medicine, அப்பு; 3. come to one's hand or ear as letter or news, சேரு.

எனக்கு அந்தச் செய்திவந்து அத்திற்று, that report is come to my ear.
காயத்தின்மேல் மருந்தை அத்திவை (அத்து), apply the medicine to the wound gently with the palm of the hand.

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