Meaning of 'kur'

VI. v. i. be saltish and sharp to the taste, uvar; 2. be enraged, cina; 3. be keen, acute as the intellect; 4. be abundant or excessive, miku.

kurppu, brackishness, saltness.

Meaning of கூர்

கூரு, II. v. i. be pointed, sharp; 2. be abundant, copious, மிகு; 3. bend, வளை; 4. contract with cold.

கூர்ந்தபுத்தி, sharp wit.
கூர்ந்துபார்க்க, to look carefully with a sharp eye.
அன்புகூர, to love.
களிகூர, to rejoice greatly.
கிருபைகூர, to be very gracious.
நினைவுகூர, to remember.

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