Meaning of 'kuni'

VI. v. t. bend, valai VI; 2. shake, acai VI; v. i. dance, atu; 2. quiver, shake, as the voice in singing, kural natungku.

kunittal, kunippu, v. n. bending, quivering the voice in singing.
kunippayp parkka, to look narrowly or attentively into things.

Meaning of குனி

II. v. i. bow, or stoop down, தாழு; bend, வளை II; 3. fall, as in battle; relent, இரங்கு.

குனிதல், குனிவு, v. n. bowing, stooping.
குனிந்திருக்க, to be crooked, stooping bent; to be bowed down.
குனிந்து நடக்க, to walk stooping.
குனிந்து பார்க்க, to stoop and look.
குனிப்பு, v. n. bending, வளைகை.
குனியவைக்க, to put in a stooping posture.

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