Meaning of 'kuyai'

VI. v. t. shorten, diminish, curtail, curukku; 2. nip off, cut off, tari; 3. destroy, azi; 4. file, aravu; 5. draw as water, muka.

kuyaittal, kuyaippu, v. n. reduction, diminution.
vayiyyaikkuyaikkate, do not shorten the food.
kuyaittup pota, to diminish, to curtail.

Meaning of குறை

II. v. i. be short, be missing, wanting, எஞ்சு; 2. diminish, grow scarce, less, dear, சிறுகு; 3. be lowered in rank, estimation etc. கெடு; 4. droop in affliction, வருந்திவாடு; 5. be cut off, வெட்டப்படு; 6. be elided as a letter (Gram.) எழுத்துக்கெடு.

குறைச்சல், (com. குறைதல்), v. n. defect, want, scarcity, dearness.
அது குறைச்சலல்ல, it is not dear; it is not less than what is required.
குறைச்சலாய் வாங்க, to buy dear; to buy less than what is wanted.
குறைச்சலாய்ப், (குறைவாய்) பேச, to speak ill or depreciatingly of a person.
குறைந்தபட்சம், at least, not less than.
குறையப்பண்ண, to diminish.
குறை (குறைந்த) மரக்கால், a scant measure.
குறைவு, v. n. defect, poverty, reduction.
குறைவானது, that which is defective or unbecoming.
குறைவுபடுத்த, to disgrace; to minimise.
ஏறக்குறைய, சற்றேறக்குறைய, more or less, about.
கொஞ்சங் குறைய, almost.

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