Meaning of 'kuvi'

s. a wall, cuvar.

Meaning of குவி

II. v. i. become round, globular, conical, திரள்; 2. be heaped up, கூடு; 3. be contracted, close (as flowers by night) கூம்பு; 4. be joined or united (as hands in worship); 5. contract, decrease, சுருங்கு.

குவிதல், குவிகை, குவிவு, v. n. that which is conical, convexity.
குவியல், v. n. a heap; pile.
குவை, v. n. a heap, pile; 2. a dunghill, குப்பைமேடு; 3. a disease of the white of the eye.

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