Meaning of 'kalacam'

s. (kal) wind, kayyu; 2. a large fan alavattam.

Meaning of கலசம்

s. an earthen water-pot, a pitcher, censer, குடம்; 2. censer,தூப கலசம்; 3. dome, cupola, தூபி; 4. a standard measure of capacity.

கலசப்பானை, spittoon, காளாஞ்சி; 2. censer, தூபகலசம்.
கலசமாட்ட; to bathe an idol with the water from a கலசம், reciting mantras as the water is poured.
கலசயோனி, கலசமுனி, Agastya (as born in a water-pot.)
தூபகலசம், a censer for burning incense.
தண்ணீர்க் கலசம், water-pot.

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