Meaning of 'kaci'

Benares, varanaci.

kacikkal, load-stone, kakaccilai.
kacikkuppi, a phial of the holy water of the Ganges taken at Benares or other places.
kacivaci, an inhabitant of Benares.

Meaning of கசி

II. v. i. be moist, ooze out, yield moisture, ஊறு; 2. grow tenderhearted, இரங்கு; 6. perspire, as the hands and feet, வியர்; 4. melt as salt இளகு.

மனங்கசிய, to become tender in mind, to be kind.
கசிகசிப்பு, v. n. being wet or cold.
கசிவு, v. n. humidity, dampness, tenderness, sweat
கசிவு, (கசிவான) நிலம், damp ground.
கசிவாயிருக்க, to be damp.

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