Meaning of 'ocai'

s. sound, vocal sound, oli; 2. musical sound, icai; 3. renown; 4. plantain, vazai.

ocaippata, to clink.
ocaiyayirukka, to yield a sound, to be melodious.
ullocai, a sound from within.
perocai, a great sound.

Meaning of அசை

II, v. i. move, stir, shake, ஆடு; 2. be active, walk, உலாவு; 3. be slow, சோம்பு; 4. be agitated, disturbed, கலங்கு.

அசையாமை, neg. v. n. immovability; firmness.
அசைவு, அசைகை, v. n. moving, motion.
அசைவு பார்க்க, to spy out a thing.
அசைவுறாத்தீர்மானம், unshakable resolve.

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