Meaning of 'otam'

s. moisture, dampness, iram; 2. hydrocele, hernia, rupture, anta vatam; 3. flood, vellam; 4. wave, tirai, 5. the sea, katal.

otakkaran, a person with rupture.
otakkal, elephantiasis, large leg.
otam eya, to become damp.
otavanam, sea, as a great flood.

Meaning of ஓதம்

s. moisture, dampness, ஈரம்; 2. hydrocele, hernia, rupture, அண்ட வாதம்; 3. flood, வெள்ளம்; 4. wave, திரை, 5. the sea, கடல்.

ஓதக்காரன், a person with rupture.
ஓதக்கால், elephantiasis, large leg.
ஓதம் ஏற, to become damp.
ஓதவனம், sea, as a great flood.

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