Meaning of 'oru'

or, adj. (onyu) a, an, one.

oru kanta cirayirukka, to be unchanged, to be always the same.
orukal, adv. once, sometimes, per- haps (oru patcam)
orukal ceytavan irukal ceyvan, he that did so once will do the same again.
orukalum, orupotum, with negative verb) never.
orukalum poy collan, he will never speak a falsehood.
oru kitai, being bed-ridden.
orukai, one hand; fig. parly, union.
orukai parttal, making a determined effort to win.
oru kaiyayirukka, to be closely joined in business or friendship.
orucanti, -pozutu, a fast with one meal a day.
oru cantiyirukka, -pozutirukka, to fast eating but one meal a day.
oru cayal, of one form.
orucera, adv. (inf.) altogether, at once.
oru taram, -vicai, once.
oru talai, onesidedness, partiality; 2. absoluteness, positiveness.
oru talaivali, -novu, pain on one side of the head, the megrim.
orutalai vazakku, an ex-parte statement, partiality in giving judgement.
oruttan, orutti, see oruvan.
oruppata, oru vazippata, to unite, join together, be reconciled, to have the mind fixed at, to be closely engaged in.
oruppatutta, to cause to agree, reconcile; to concentrate the powers of the mind.
orumanam, orumanappatu, unanimity, concord.
orumanappattu, orumanamay, unanimously.
orumatiri, orupati, one kind, singularity, peculiarity.
oru matiriyana manusan, a peculiar man.
orumukam, one direction, union, harmony.
orumukamayp peca, to speak partially or unanimously.
orumukamayp poka, to go in one direction.
oruvakaiyayirukka, to be dispirited, dejected; to be somewhat indisposed.
oruvakaiyayppecukiyan, he speaks in an unfriendly, strange manner.
oruvazippata, to be unanimous.
oruvantam, concentration of the powers of the soul; 2. connection, relation; 3. seclusion, a place of retirement. oruvantam ollai ketum (kuyal)
oruvarumillai, there is nobody.
oruvaroruvaray, one ofter another.
oruvarotoruvar, one with another.
oruvan, oruttan, (fem. orutti) a man, one person.
oruvanayp pokiyan, he goes alone.
oruvanum appatic ceyyan, nobody will do so.
oruvayppata, with one voice.
oruvelai, once, perhaps, sometimes.
ore, oreoru, onyana adj. only.
ore kumaran, an only son.
ore, (ore oru) manusan, ore oru van, one single man.
ovvoru, each.
ovvoruvaray, varukiyarkal, they come one by one.

Meaning of ஒரு

s. a sheep, ஆடு; 2. sage-leaved alangiam, அழிஞ்சில்.

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