Meaning of 'el'

an imperative termination as in natavel; 2. termination of a verbal participle as in illaiyel, varumel etc. (if).

Meaning of ஏல்

V. v. t. receive, accept, admit, allow, ஒப்புக்கொள்; 2. stretch out hands in begging, receive alms, பிச்சைவாங்கு; 3. oppose in battle, ஏதிர்; 4. love, அன்புகூர்; 5. be equal, ஒத்திரு. v. i. be suitable for, agreeable to, becoming, இசை; 2. be excessive, abound, மிகு; 3. change, மாறுபடு; 4. happen, occur, சம்பவி, as in ஏற்றதையுணர்கிலமென்று (வில்லி;) 5. awake from sleep.

ஏற்க, ஏற்கவே, ஏற்ப, adv. properly, suitably; 2. before.
ஒருவனுக்கு ஏற்கச்செய்ய, to do to one's liking.
ஏற்கனவே, (prop. ஏற்கவே) before.
ஏற்கை, ஏற்பு, v. n. agreement, acceptance; 2. begging alms.
ஏற்போர், beggars, mendicants.
ஏற்றசமயம், convenient time.
ஏற்றப்பிரகாரமாக, -படி, -வாறு, agreeably to; as is fit or proper; as one likes.
ஏற்றல், v. n. receiving, compliance.
ஏற்றுக்கொள்ள, to receive, to admit, to accept; to take upon one's self.
ஏற்பு, v. n. receiving; 2. appropriateness, fitness.
நல்வரவேற்பு, warm welcome.
கையேற்பு, v. n. extending hands in begging or in prayer.
ஏற்புடைக்கடவுள், deity appropriate to the subject-matter in a book (as opp. to. வழிபடுகடவுள்) நூற்குரிய கடவுள்.

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