Meaning of 'eli'

VI. v. t. (caus. of eli) cry out, disparage, tazttik kuyu.

elitaravu, s. indigence, poverty, vayumai; 2. lowness elimai.
elimai, s. poverty, tarittiram; 2. meanness, lowness, nicam; 3. facility, ilecu (adjs. eliya, elimaiyana, see Note under arumai.)
elitu, being easy to be done.
elitana kariyam, an easy matter.
colvatu elitu, it is easy to say.
elimaittanam, poor circumstances.
eliya, adj. poor, mean.
eliyakuti, a poor family, poor inhabitants.
eliyatu, that which is poor, mean.
eliya natai, an easy style.
eliyavan, eliyan, (pl. eliyar elinar), a poor man.
eliya vilai, a low price.
eliva, v. i. be easy of approach; 2. obtained easily; 3. be low, abject izivatai.

Meaning of எளி

II. v. i. become feeble, low spirited, எளிமையடை.

எளிவு, v. n. graceful simplicity accessibility, approachableness, சௌலப் பியம்.

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