Meaning of 'acaram'

s. observance of prescribed rites, anustanam; 2. custom conduct, fashion acaramuyaimai; 3. manners modesty, politeness, upa caram; 4. cloth; 5. entrance hall in a temple or palace as in acaravacal; 6. heavy downpour of rain, perumazai. 7. king's residence.

pitiracaram, law of heredity.
acarattiruttam, social reform.
acarakkallan, (fem. acarakkalli) flatterer, one making a pretence of holiness.
acarattuvam, politeness, courtesy.
acarapocan, a fashionable gentleman.
acaravinan, one devoid of acaram.
acaraccavati, same, as acaravacal, the place of public admittance in king's court.
kulacaram, catiyacaram, tecacaram, matacaram, see under kulam etc.

Meaning of அசரம்

s. ( priv.) a motionless inanimate thing. அண்டசராசரங்களை (சரம் + அசரங் களை)த் தாங்கும் கை.

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