Meaning of 'el'

s. sun-shine, veyil; 2. lustre, light, oli; 3. the sun curiyan; 4. day time, pakal; 5. day (of 24 hours) nal; 6. night, iravu; 7. vehemence, strength, perumai; 8. an interjection of contempt; ikazmozi.

ellirul, darkness of the night.
eypatu, sunrise; 2. afternoon.

Meaning of எல்

s. sun-shine, வெயில்; 2. lustre, light, ஒளி; 3. the sun சூரியன்; 4. day time, பகல்; 5. day (of 24 hours) நாள்; 6. night, இரவு; 7. vehemence, strength, பெருமை; 8. an interjection of contempt; இகழ்மொழி.

எல்லிருள், darkness of the night.
ஏற்பாடு, sunrise; 2. afternoon.

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