Meaning of 'ehku'

ekku, III. v. i. be elastic, stretchable, nekizu; 2. become unfastened, avizu; 3. rebound, etirtakku; 4. stretch one's self in reaching a thing, ettu; 5. v. t. card, comb wool or cotton; 2. search for, sift, scrutinize, aray.

man ekirittaviyota, the deer to run jumping.
ekirip peca, to talk impertinently.

Meaning of எஃகு

எகு, s. steel, உருக்கு; 2. a weapon, ஆயுதம்; 3. edge, pointedness, கூர்மை; 4. acuteness of intellect, மதிநுட்பம்.

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