Meaning of 'ul'

the root of a symbolic verbsignifying being, opp. to il. Note. Only 3rd pers. neut. sing. untu, the abstr. noun unmai (both see separately) and the adj. part. ulla, with its appellatives are in common use.

ulla, adj. part. existing, real true, essential, As affix it converts substantives into adjectives like ana as nanamulla, wise.
nan ullamattukkum, en ayuculla nal mattum, as long as I live.
ullakatai, a real story, a fact.
ullatu, that which exists, unta natu; 2. the thing as it is, the naked, truth; 3. God as one that remains after all analysis; 4. property.
avanukkullatellam, all that he has, what all he possesses.
ullaturiyatellam, the whole of one's property.
ullato illato? is it true or not?
ullapacumai, the plain truth.
ullapati, really, truly.
ullavan, a man of substance, a proprietor.
ullalavum, ullavalavum, for ever.
ullar, those who exist or are present etc.; 2. those who are acquainted.
anpullavan, one that has affection.
panamullavan, a man of money.
mannullar, terrestrial inhabitants, landed proprietors.
vinnullar, the celestials.

Meaning of உள்

s. the interior, உட்புறம்; 2. the mind, மனம், 3. place, இடம்; 4. as an affix (with or without the சாரியை கு) it expresses: in, within, into as in வீட்டுள் or வீட்டுக்குள், in the house; 5. a verbal noun ending as in விக்குள், தொழிற் பெயர் விகுதி; 6. a 7th case ending ஏழனுருபு.

அதற்குள்ளே, within it (4), in the meanwhile, so soon.
உட்கட்டு, private apartments of a house.
உட்கருத்து, inward sentiment, intention, affection, the intrinsic meaning of a passage.
உட்காய்ச்சல், an internal fever, heat, hatred.
உட்கை, the palm of the hand, one who is a secret hand in aiding what is improper.
உட்கொள்ள, to take food, medicine, to imbibe as the earth does the rain; to receive into the mind.
உட்சட்டை, a waist-coat.
உட்சீலை, an under garment or innercloth, the lining of a coat.
உட்டுளை, உட்புரை, the hollow of a tube.
உட்டெளிவு, clearness of mind.
உட்பகை, internal enmity, grudge.
உட்பட, to meddle with a business; 2. to enter go in, join; 3. to consent; 4. to partake; 5. adv. inclusive of, together with.
அது உட்பட, that inclusive, together with that.
மோசத்துக்குட்பட, to fall into danger.
உட்படுத்த, உள்ளாக்க, to cause to enter, to involve, to include, to persuade.
உட்பற்று, internal attachment.
உட்பிரவேசம், the entrance, entering, getting into.
உட்புக, to slip in, enter, engage in.
உட்புறம், inside.
உட்பொருள், உள்ளர்த்தம், the real or secret meaning.
உண்ணாக்கு, உள்நாக்கு, the uvula.
உண்ணாட்டம், உண்ணோக்கம், உள்யோ சனை, the real or secret intention.
உள்வட்டம், agio, the difference between the values of two coins.
உள்வலிப்பு, உள்ளிசிவு, inward pains, convulsions.
உள்வளைவு, concavity.
உள்வாரம், the share in the produce of a field belonging to the owner.
உள்வினை, malice, an inherited fate.
உள்ளங்கப் பரிசோதனை, anatomical examination.
உள்ளங்கால், the sole of the foot.
உள்ளங்கை, the palm of the hand.
உள்நாடு, x புறநாடு; உன்நாட்டு விஷ யங்கள், internal affairs.
உள்ளடக்க, to conceal within the mind; to enclose.
உள்ளடக்கம், reservedness, reserve.
உள்ளடங்கிப்போக, to be shut in, to be contained in.
உள்ளறை, an inner room.
உள்ளாக, to enter in, to be subject to; adv. inwardly.
உள்ளாந்தரங்கம், internal secrets.
உள்ளாயிருக்க, to be engaged or concerned.
உள்ளிட, to include, comprise.
உள்ளிடை, private affairs.
உள்ளிட்டார், the partners, all that are concerned in a bargain or business.
உள்ளிந்திரியம், the intellectual powers.
உள்ளீட்டுக்காரியம், secrets.
உள்ளுக்குக்கொடுக்க, to give medicine to be taken internally.
உள்ளுக்குள், internally.
உள்ளுடைதல், being heart-broken, declining in energy.
உள்ளும் புறமும், -புறம்பும், within and without; inwardly and outwardly.
உள்ளுருக்கி, a wasting disease of childhood, கணை.
உள்ளுறை, inward thought; 2. hidden meaning.
உள்ளே, adv. with in, between.
உள்ளேயிருந்து வர, to come out.

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