Meaning of 'okku'

III. v. t. (caus. of ongku), raise, lift up; 2. cause to rise; 3. set apart; 4. give, grant, kotu; 5. throw, eyi; 6. make or produce, akku.

Meaning of அக்கு

s. little shells, cowries, பலகறை; 2. beads of conch shells, சங்குமணி; 3. beads of seeds of the elœocarpus worn by religious mendicants, உருத்திராக்ஷம்; 4. eye, கண்; 5. bone, எலும்பு.

அக்குத்தொக்கில்லாதவன், one destitute of food and clothing, one who has no friends and relatives.
அக்குமாலை, a necklace of sacred beads.
அக்குருக்கி, consumption.

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