Meaning of 'i'

II. v. t. give, bestow as superiors on inferiors, kotu; 2. distribute, divide, pakirntukotu; 3. (arith.) divide, vaku; 4. create, cirusti; v. int. agree, consent, utanpatu.

nuyyaippattukki, divide a hundred by ten.
ikai, v. n. a gift, donation, giving.
ikaiyalan, a charitable gentleman.
ippini, ippicini, a miser, ulopi.
ivirakkam, charitableness, mercy.
ivu, v. n. a gift, the quotient in a division.
ivukkanakku, division in Arithmetic.
katavul nammai yintar, God created us.

Meaning of ஈ

interj., -an exclamation expressive of wonder; 2. a poetic expletive in the second person.

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