Meaning of 'ilai'

VI. v. i. grow weary, be fatigued, toyntupo; 2. grow emaciated, lean weak, meli; 3. lesson, kuyaintu po; 4. fail before a rival or foe. toyyuppo; 5. become impoverished, ezmaippatu.

avanukku ilaikken, I shall not yield to him, I am not inferior to him.
ilaippu, ilaittal, v. n. weariness, fatigue, exhaustion, leanness.
ilaippayirukka, ilaippuya, to be wearied, fatigued.
ilaippaya, to rest, to take rest.
ilaippayya, to cause to rest, refresh.
ilaippayyi, ilaippayutal, v. n. rest, resting, repose.

Meaning of இளை

s. tenderness, இளமை; 2. jungle, காடு; 3. cloud, மேகம்; 4. fence, hedge, வேலி; 5. main guard, strong watch in fortress, தலைக்காவல்.

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