Meaning of 'icai'

VI. v. t. join together, combine, poruttu; 2. bind, tie, kattu; 3. say, tell, pecu; 4. chant, patu; 5. play as on a musical instrument, icaikkaruvi vaci.

icaippu, icaittal, icaikkutal, v. n. s.

Meaning of இசை

II. v. i. be apt or meet, agree well together, be to the purpose. join well, be united, பொருந்து; 2. consent to, உடன்படு; 3. to be like, சரிப்படு; 4. harmonize; 5. acquire. get possession of, அடை; 6. be possible, இயலு.

இசைந்த வேளை, apt time, due time.
இசைய, adv. (inf.) harmoniously, aptly, in accordance with.
இசைவு, v. n. agreement, fitness, harmony, correspondence.
அதற்கிசைவாய் (இசைய), corresponding to it.

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