Meaning of 'icai'

VI. v. t. join together, combine, poruttu; 2. bind, tie, kattu; 3. say, tell, pecu; 4. chant, patu; 5. play as on a musical instrument, icaikkaruvi vaci.

icaippu, icaittal, icaikkutal, v. n. s.

Meaning of இசை

s. a sound, noise, ஒலி; 2. praise, புகழ்; 3. a word, சொல்; 4. melody, tune, இராகம்; 5. harmony in vocal or instrumental music, இசைப்பாட்டு; 6. agreement, இணக்கம்; 7. gold, பொன்; 8. gain, profit, ஊதியம்.

இசைகேடு, want of harmony, disunion, disgrace, inconvenience.
இசைகொள்ள, to be renowned.
இசைத்தமிழ், lyrical Tamil adapted to music as distinguished from.
இயற்றமிழ், plain Tamil (prose and poetry) and நாடகத் தமிழ், dramatic Tamil.
இசைமடந்தை, lady of music, Saraswati.
இசையாய், இசைவாய், இசைய, harmoniously; aptly.
ஏழு இசை, the 7 tunes, the keynotes in music.

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