Meaning of 'vai'

VI. v. t. put, lay, place, set aside, potu.

vaikkun tanam, vaikkumitam, a proper place to set a thing in.
vaittuk kolla, to keep for oneself; 2. to suppose, to take for granted.
appatiyenyu vaittukkol, suppose it is thus, let it be so.
vaittuppota, to leave unsettled, to forsake.
ennai vaittuppottup ponan, he has left me in the lurch.
vaittuvaikka, to keep, to lay up, to reserve.
kirupai vaikka, to show favour.
niyutti vaikka, to delay, to defer.

Meaning of வை

I. v. i. scold, revile, abuse, திட்டு.

வைதல், v. n. reviling, abusive language, வசவு.
வையச்சொல்ல, to instigate one to scold.

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