Meaning of 'oti'

s. a lizard, blood-sucker, onti, otti; 2. woman's hair kuntal; 3. learning, wisdom, nanam; 4. a learned person, vittuvan; 5. closeness, thickness, ceyivu; 6. literature, kalvi; 7. a mountain, malai; 8. a swan, annam.

Meaning of ஆதி

s. beginning, commencement, துவக்கம்; 2. source, cause, மூலம்; 3. the Supreme Being, கடவுள்; 4. antiquity, பழமை; 5. (as affix) this and the rest and so on, as ஆபரணாதிகள், jewels and other ornaments, போஜ னாதிகள், victuals.

ஆதிகாரணம், primary cause.
ஆதிசேஷன், a fabulous serpent, supporting the earth on its head.
ஆதித்தாய் தகப்பன், our first parents.
ஆதிநூல், the Vedas, the scriptures.
ஆதிமுதல், from the beginning.
ஆதிமூலம், rudiments; 2. Supreme Being.
ஆதியந்தம், the beginning and the end.
ஆதியோடந்தமாய், from the beginning to the end.
ஆதிவருணர், the Brahmins.

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