Meaning of 'maccam'

s. fish, min; 2. Pisces of the Zodiac, minaraci; 3. one of the 18 Puranas; 4. a country including Dinajpur and Rangpur, one of the middle divisions of India; 5. the saphari in which Vishnu is fancied to have been incarnate.

maccakanti, maccotari, the mother of Vyasa.
maccayantiram, a mark for archers in the shape of a fish.

Meaning of மச்சம்

s. a little piece of gold cut off as a sort of tally; 2. a black speak or spot on the skin, a mole, மறு.

மச்சப்பொன், a little piece of gold kept as a sample to compare it with what was given to the goldsmith to work up.
மச்சம் வெட்டிவைக்க, to cut off such a piece for that purpose.

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