Meaning of 'maka'

(contr. maka, ma) adj. great, grand, mighty, periya; 2. noble, excellent, menmaiyana; 3. intense, mikunta.

makaracan, makaracan, makaraca, a great king, a monarch.
makaraci, a rich or benevolent lady; (lit. a queen).
makarisi, makarisi, an exalted Rishi.
maka avatani, a person with excellent memory.
maka ikkattu, great distress.
maka kaypam, -kalpam, the great Kalpa, consisting of a vast period, probably the life time of Brahma, of 155, 52 , , solar years, after which there will de a universal destruction.
makakacam, -kayam, the air or ether at large.
makakiti, -ksiti, a certain number, 1 trillions.
makakoni, --ksoni, 1 trillions.
makakoram, a division of hell.
makangkam, a camel, ottai.
makacakai, a plant bearing an unfading flower, gomphroena globosa, vatamallikai.
makacangkam, a hundred billions, ayi rang kotakoti.
makacangkaram, the universal destruction.
makacamuttiram, a number, 1 billions; 2. the ocean, the great sea, makotati.
makacenan, the commander of a large force, Skanda; 2. Argha.
makacopam, a hundred thousand trillions.
makastalam, -talam, a sacred place 2. head quarters.
makanani, one who has attained to the highest degree of religion.
makatalam, the 6th of the seven nether worlds.
makatatu, gold, pon.
makaturumam, the ficus religiosa, aracu.
makatevan, God, Siva, a god of the sea or waters.
makatevi, Parvathi, as the great goddess.
makatosam, very great sin.
makattiyakam, total and absolute abandonment of the world for abstract devotion and final union with god.
makattuma, an excellent man.
makanacam; makanacam, a kitchen, mataippalli.
makanatam, the conch shell, cangku; 2. a lion; 3. elephant; 4. a cloud; 5. a great noise or clamour.
makanatu, the great council of a nation.
makanici, midnight, arttacamam.
makanilam, emerald, marakatam.
makanupavan, (com. manapavan) unillustrious person; 2. a magnanimous, liberal man; 3. as makattu man.
makapatumam, a thousand billions; 2. one of the navanitikal (nine gems of Swerga) which resembles lotus.
makapatuman, one of the 8 serpents supporting the earth.
makapalan, a strong person; 2. air, wind.
makapali, an Asura king dethroned by Vishnu in his Dwarf Avatar.
makapatakam, -pavam, crime of the highest magnitude.
makaparatam, the epic Mahabharat.
makaputtiman, a very wise man.
makapurusan, one who is distinguished for peculiar personal qualities.
makaputam, elementary principles, pancaputam.
makapuri, ten quintillions, oren.
makappirakaca cakti, mica, appirakam.
makappiratosam, the 13th evening from the new & full moon, a time, in which the Saivas expect particular benefits from their religious exercises.
makap pirapukkal capai, the House of Lords.
makappiralayam, the great deluge which destroys the universe at the end of each great Kalpa; 2. (fig.) a number, oren.
makamakam, mamakam, mamangkam, the occurrence of the full moon in or about the asterism makam with other astronomical incidents, which occur once in twelve years. The time is auspicious for bathing, especially at Kumbakonum. Peculiar rites in honour of Siva are then performed.
makamayai, mother of the king of the Asuras; 2. as mamayai.
makamari, makamayi, (com., makamayi) a name of Durga.
maka mirukam, an elephant.
maka meru, makameru, the golden mountain thought to be in the middle of the Central Continent.
makayakkiyam, -yakam, the first order of sacrifices. It is of 5 kinds:- 1. piramam, reading & learning Vedas; 2. teyvam, kindling a sacrificial fire; 3. putam, fragments of food left at an oblation; 4. pitir; presenting water to the manes of the deceased & 5. manutam, gifts to beggars.
makaratan, maratan, a charioteer commanding 11, chariots; a warrior of note.
makaracan, -raca, makaracan, a great king, a monarch.
ni makaracanay, (makaraciyay) iru, may you prosper (a customary blessing).
makarattiram, (Tamil maratam) the ancient Mahratta country; the Mahratta language.
makaviyakiruti, the three mystical words Bhur, Bhuva, and Swer, the essential part with om of the Gayatri of the Brahmins.
makavintu, mica, appirakam.
makecan, makecuran, makecuvaran, makeccuran, makeccuvaran, Siva as obscurer, one of the pancakart takkal, His consort is called makecuvari.
makentiram, a range of mountains; 2. (makentirapuri) a town said to have been inhabited by the Asuras but afterwards swallowed by the Southern Ocean, mayentira.
makaicuvariyam, makataicuvariyam, great opulence.
makotayam, final beatitude; 2. the rising of the sun and moon in conjunction on a Monday, the sun being in Capricorn in the month of January, and the moon in the 22nd lunar asterism in the 7th yokam-- regarded as a most auspicious moment for sacred bathing.
makotaram, ascites, dropsy of the belly; 2. a large belly.
makoycavam, a great festival.

Meaning of மக

s. (pl. மக்கள்) a child, an infant, குழந்தை; 2. a son, மகன்; 3. adj. see மகா.

மகப்பால் வார்த்தல், giving milk to adore, venerate, வணங்கு; 3. nourish, keep with great care, பேணு; 4. maintain opinions, சாதி; 5. patronize.
போற்றலர், போற்றார், foes.
போற்றிக்கொள்ள, to praise, to extol.
போற்றுதல், போற்றல், v. n. preserving, praising, veneration.

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