Meaning of 'pai'

com. paiya, adv. softly, slowly.

paiyap paiya, gently, gently.
paiyap paiyap, peca, to speak slowly.
paiyappo, go softly.

Meaning of பை

(with ம் etc.) abj. from பசுமை, green.

பைங்கண், a fresh green place.
பைங்கிளி, a green parrot.
பைங்கூழ், growing corn or other crops.
பைந்தார், a green garland.
பைந்தொடி, bracelet; 2. a lady wearing bracelets.
பைந்நாகம், the hooded cobra.
பைம்பொன், see பசும்பொன், fine gold.

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