Meaning of 'punar'

VI. v. t. and punarttu III. v. t. combine, join, unite, icai; 2. contrive, concert, plot, tantirancey; 3. put on ornaments, aparanamani; 4. (fig. prov.) explain, adapt language to the understanding, unarttu.

punartticcolla, to adapt language; to explain.
punarppu, v. n. coition; 2. combination; 3. contrivance or scheme; 4. body, (as composed of various parts) utal.
punarppuvallavan, a crafty schemer.

Meaning of புணர்

புணரு, II. v. i. join, unite, இசை; 2. copulate, lie by, cohabit, கூடு; 3. (fig. prov.) be understood, approve itself to the mind; 4. (Gr.) combine as sounds, letters or words.

புணரக்காட்ட, -ச்சொல்ல, to explain, to make one's self understood.
புணர்ச்சி, v. n. combination, junction; 2. copulation, coition; 3. (Gr.) coalescence of letters or words; 4. connection of the different parts of a subject.
புணர்வு, v. n. combination; coition; 2. body, as புணர்ப்பு.

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