Meaning of 'pacam'

s. a cord, a snare, kayiyu; 2. bond, fetter, tie, kattu; 3. love, affection, anpu; 4. mail, coat-ofmail, kavacam; 5. eye of a needle; 6. a demon, a vampire, pey; 7. one of the three eternal uncreated principles, (pacu, pati, pacam), being the illusive power which ensnares the soul.

pacakaran, Yama, the god of death.
pacak kattu, -pantam, -ppini, -campantam, entanglement of the soul with matter.
paca mocanam, --vimocanam, release of the soul from earthly entanglements.
pacam vica, to cast the noose.
pacan, the soul as subject to birth and worldly attachments; 2. Yama, naman.
pacangkucan, Ganesa as bearing cord and goad.

Meaning of பாசம்

s. moss, duck-weed.

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