Meaning of 'pacai'

II. v. i. be kind, affectionate, anpukollu; 2. become glutinous, ilaku; 3. be liberal, beneficent; v. t. temper clay, knead dough, picai; 2. fill cracks in iron by beating, ottu.

pacaintar, friends.
pacaivu, compassion, attachment, anpu.

Meaning of பசை

s. glue, paste, பிசின்; 2. desire, love, affection, அன்பு; 3. gain, advantage, property, இலாபம்; 4. sap, juice of meat; 5. boiled rice and other ingredients applied to a drum-head to improve the sound, முழவின் மார்ச்சனை.

பசையற்றவன், a poor man, unmerciful person.
பசையாயிருக்க, to be glutinous; 2. to be advantageous, or profitable; 3. to become compassionate or kind.

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