Meaning of 'nil'

nilu, I. v. i. lengthen, grow long, be tall, nilamaku; 2. be protracted, tamatappatu; 3. run, otu.

nitci, v. n. length.
nintacantam, long-suffering.
ninta munci, a long face.
nila, nilakka, adv. along, to a great length.
nilavita, to delay.
kainila, to give liberally.

Meaning of நீள்

s. length, extension, duration, நீளம்; 2. tallness, உயர்ச்சி; 3. light, brightness, lustre, ஒளி. நு நு {*}, s. weapons in general; 2. meditation, contemplation, தியானம்; 3. a boat, a dhoni, தோணி; 4. slander; நிந்தை; 5. time, நேரம்; 6. fame, name, புகழ்; 7. a prefix indicative of doubt or interrogation.

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