Meaning of 'nittu'

III. v. t. extend, stretch out, nila makku; 2. beat out and lengthen; 3. give, kai nittu; 4. delay, protract, tamatappatuttu.

nittal, nittu, v. n. act of extending, lengthening etc.
nittalalavai, long measure.
nittal, an attending or waiting servant.
nittikkitakka, to lie stretched out.
ival vekunitti, she carries her head high.

Meaning of நீட்டு

s. length of time or space, நீளம்.

நீட்டுப்போக்கு tallness and robustness, spaciousness, breadth & length; 2. ability, circumstances.
நீட்டுப்போக்கான ஆள், a tall robust man; 2. a rich man, one living in state.
நீட்டுப்போக்கறிய, to be acquainted with one's circumstances or abilities.
நீட்டுமுடக்கு, lending and borrowing.
நீட்டுமுடக்கில்லாதவன், one unable to defray expenses; 2. a miser, an unaccommodating person.

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