Meaning of 'ninai'

VI. v. t. think, yoci; 2. remember, have in memory, napakampannu; 3. meditate, tiyani; 4. suppose, imagine, pavi.

ninaittukkolla, to remember.
ninaittupparkka, to reflect, to deliberate, to try to recollect.
ninaippu, v. n. thought, recollection. remembrance; 2. design, intention.
ninaippayirukka, to be mindful, cautious, attentive.
ninaippali, one with good memory.
ninaipputta, to remind.

Meaning of நினை

II. v. i. consider, reflect, கருது.

நினைவு, v. n. thought; 2. consideration; 3. purpose.
எனக்கு நினைவில்லை, I do not remember it.
நினைவில்லாதிருக்க, to be forgetful, to have no consideration.
நினைவுகூர, to remember.
நினைவு தடுமாற்றம், confused state of mind, derangement.

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