Meaning of 'niyai'

VI. v. t. fill, niyaiyaccey; 2. supply abundantly, satisfy, mikuti ni ni , pron. thou, you (gen. un, unatu, unnutaiya; dat. unakku; acc. unnai etc; with respective poetical forms yakku; 3. diffuse, cause to pervade, suffuse; 4. stuff, cram, tini.

Meaning of நிறை

II. v. i. become full, நிரம்பு; 2. abound, be plenteous, மிகு; 3. overflow, be suffused, பெருகு; 4. be satisfied, contented, திருப்தியாகு; 5. be finished or perfected, பூர்த்தியாகு.

நிறைகர்ப்பம், advanced pregnancy.
நிறைகலை, (பூரணகலை) fulness, entireness; 2. splendour as fancied in the face of an idol; 3. the full moon; 4. the manifestation of a deity in full glory; 5. possession of an oracle by a deity; 6. (fig.) being intoxicated, top heavy, முழு வெறி.
நிறைகுடம், a full water pot.
நிறைந்த மனிதன், a man of noble mind.
நிறைந்திருக்க, to be full, to be still or silent.
நிறைமாதம், full term of months, full pregnancy.
நிறைவு, நிறைவாகாரம், fulness.
நிறைவேற, to be accomplished, to be fulfilled; 2. to die.
நிறைவேறுதல், நிறைவேற்றம், fulfilment.
நிறைவேற்ற, to accomplish, to fulfil, to execute, to perform.

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