Meaning of 'niyai'

VI. v. t. fill, niyaiyaccey; 2. supply abundantly, satisfy, mikuti ni ni , pron. thou, you (gen. un, unatu, unnutaiya; dat. unakku; acc. unnai etc; with respective poetical forms yakku; 3. diffuse, cause to pervade, suffuse; 4. stuff, cram, tini.

Meaning of நிறை

s. weighing, நிறுத்தல்; 2. weight, பாரம்; 3. fulness, completeness, நிறைவு; 4. excellence, மாட்சிமை; 5. constant or steady adherence to rules; 6. equity, first principles, நீதி; 7. chastity, கற்பு; 8. setting, fixing, establishing, நிறுத்துகை; 9. the weight of 1 palams; 1. Libra of the Zodiac, துலாராசி; 11. high respect, honour, மாட்சிமை; 12. fortitude, magnanimity, தைரியம்.

நிறைகோல், a balance.
நிறைதப்ப, to be unjust or eccentric.
நிறையழிய, to lose command of one's self from passions, to sacrifice principle; 2. to lose as chastity etc. கற் பழிய, 3. to become dispirited, disheartened; 4. to become furious as an elephant in rut.
நிறையுரை, weight & touch of precious metals.
நிறையுள்ளவன், நிறைமான், a man of integrity.
நீதிநிறை, uprightness, Justice.

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