Meaning of 'nittam'

adv. (contr. of nittiyam) always, daily, constantly, perpetually, ana varatam; 2. (s.) a sacrificial fire-place, nittiyakkini.

nittakarumam, daily rites; 2. daily occupation.
nittakkattalai, daily allowance.
nittamum, daily.
nittam vara, to come daily.
nittan, the eternal Being, God.

Meaning of நித்தம்

adv. (contr. of நித்தியம்) always, daily, constantly, perpetually, அன வரதம்; 2. (s.) a sacrificial fire-place, நித்தியாக்கினி.

நித்தகருமம், daily rites; 2. daily occupation.
நித்தக்கட்டளை, daily allowance.
நித்தமும், daily.
நித்தம் வர, to come daily.
நித்தன், the eternal Being, God.

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