Meaning of 'nitanam'

s. exactness, preciseness, niccayam; 2. correctness, justness, cemmai; 3. ascertainment, resolution, tirmanam; 4. guess, conjecture, uttecam; 5. aim, object, nokkam; 6. first cause, primary or remote cause, atikaranam; 7. gold, pon; 8. an army, patai; 9. a gem in common, either celestial or terrestrial, katavul manikkum navamanikkum potu.

nitanakkaran, nitanappattavan, an upright, honest, moral man.
nitanattile (nitanamayp) poka, to walk in the right way.
nitanantappippoka, to be unlawful, to take a wrong course.
nitanamayccolla, to state precisely, conjecture.
nitanamullavan, an upright, honest, moral man.
nitanan, Deity, the Supreme Being.

Meaning of நிதனம்

s. death, dying, சாவு; 2. loss, annihilation, அழிவு.

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