Meaning of 'nacai'

nacaivu, s. desire, eagerness, lust, acai; 2. love, affection, anpu; 3. fault, kuyyam; 4. derision, parikacam; 5. dampness, moisture, iram.

nacaikatta, to allure.
nacaiyurai, amorous talk.
nacaiyunar, nacainar, nacaikunar, friends, lovers; 2. well-wishers.

Meaning of நசை

நசைவு, s. desire, eagerness, lust, ஆசை; 2. love, affection, அன்பு; 3. fault, குற்றம்; 4. derision, பரிகாசம்; 5. dampness, moisture, ஈரம்.

நசைகாட்ட, to allure.
நசையுரை, amorous talk.
நசையுனர், நசைநர், நசைகுநர், friends, lovers; 2. well-wishers.

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