Meaning of 'nakam'

s. a snake in general, especially the cobra capella, pampu; 2. blacklead, kariyam; 3. the black monkey, monkey in general, kurangku; 4. sky, akayam; 5. a mountain, malai; 6. an elephant, yanai; 7. fine cloth, naycilai; 8. an astrological karna, orkaranam; 9. a flowering tree, Alexandrian laurel, punnai maram; 1. a kind of precious stone, nakappaccai; 11. Swerga, cuvarkkam; 12. a fragrant herb, nazal; 13. a kind of prepared arsenic, nakapasanam; 14. a Naga, an inhabitant of Naga Loka (a demigod with a human face and the tail of a serpent).

nakakanni, -kannikai, a female of the Naga race.
nakacapam, curse of a cobra inflicted on a person for killing it.
nakacinnam, nakacuram, nakasvaram, a kind of clarionet.
nakacetanan, Indra.
nakatali, a medicinal plant used as an antidote to snake bites.
nakaticai, the west, meyku.
nakatevan, nakarajan, the chief of the Nagas, Adisesha, nakanatan.
nakanatan, Indra; 2. Adisesha.
nakapatam, the spread and figured neck of the cobra, ear-rings worn by females with the figure of a serpent.
nakapantam, one of the curious kinds of poems.
nakapacam, a kind of snake-like rope used in warfare.
nakappaccai, a precious stone.
nakappayyu, --vavai, alloy of zinc in silver.
nakappampu, the cobra.
nakappiratistai, the making of a fiveheaded cobra and worshipping it, to expiate the sin of killing a cobra, to which sin is attributed dearth of offspring.
nakappucci, vulg. nakkuppucci, an earth-worm, punakam.
nakamanal, sand containing lead.
nakamalli, --mallikai, a medicinal plant, justicia nasuta.
nakarattinam, a gem supposed to be found in the head of the cobra.
nakalokam, Swerga; 2. the world of the Nagas, Patala.
nakavarali, a kind of tune, orirakam.
nakavalli, nakavalli, a betel plant; 2. the finishing ceremony of a marriage on the 5th day.
nakavatai, a slight alloy in gold coin supposed to be contracted from the metal of the mould.
nakacanan, (acanam, food) the Brahmany kite whose food is snakes.
nakastiram, same as nakapacam.
nakantakan, nakari, Garuda, as the devourer of snakes.
nakaparanan, Siva as wearing serpents as ornaments.
nakalayam, the abode of the Nagas, the inferior world.
nakentiran, as nakatevan; 2. the cobra, as a deity.
payavainakam, a flying dragon.
painnakam, a cobra.

Meaning of நகம்

s. the nail of the fingers or toes; 2. a talon, a claw; 3. a mountain, மலை; 4. the earth, பூமி; 5. a tree, மரம்; 6. the extremity of a hoof, அடிக்குளம்பு.

நகமும் சதையுமாயிருக்கிறார்கள், they are very intimate friends.
நகக்கண், the root of the nail, நகக்கால்.
நகக்காளான், a kind of fungus supposed to spring from nail parings.
நகக்குறி, -ரேகை, marks or indents of the nail; (erotics).
நகச்சுற்று, -சுற்றி, a whitlow.
நகம் வளர்க்க, to let the nails grow long.
நகம் வாங்கி, -வெட்டி, a barber's instrument for cutting the nails.
நகவுளி, as நகம் வாங்கி; 2. a carpenter's tool.
நகாயுதம், (lit. the talon-armed), a lion; a tiger; a cock; any beast or bird having talons.
நகேசன், the personified Himalaya mountain.

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