Meaning of 'tai'

VI. v. t. sew, stitch, tunnu; 2. nail, fasten with nails pin, katavu; 3. net with a netting needle, valai pinnu; 4. (with tokai) close an account, tokaikatai; v. i. run in as a thorn, pierce as an arrow, kuttu; 2. strike, affect, pierce the mind, uyuttu.

enkalile mul taittatu, I ran a thorn into my foot.
ampu taittavan, a person wounded with an arrow.
antaccol avan manatile taittu, that word made a deep impression on his mind.
taippan, a needle; 2. one who sews.
taippu, taittal, v. n. sewing, fastening, nailing; 2. piercing.
taippai, a garment made by sewing.
taiyal, v. n. sewing, stitch, suture.
taiyal taikka, to sew.
taiyal pirikka, to rip or unravel needle-work.
taiyal vittuppoyiyyu, -pirintupo yiyyu, the seam of the garment is ripped.
taiyal velai, needle-work.
taiyaykaran, (fem. taiyaykari) a tailor, a knitter.
taiyaypai, taiyaypetti, a bag, a work basket or box containing things for needle-work.
ottuttaiyal, patching, mending.
kattuttaiyal, wrapping round a knob.
kettittaiyal, a double seam.
piyyal taikka, to mend a rent in a garment, kantaipotta.
perumpatit taiyal, coarse sewing.
matittut taikka, to hem.

Meaning of தை

s. January, தை மாதம்; 2. a sound in beating time, தாளக்குறிப்பு; 3. the 8th lunar asterism, பூரம்; 4. Capricorn of the Zodiac, மகரராசி. தேற்றார் , s. the ignorant, அறிவீனர்; 2. foes, பகைவர்.

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