Meaning of 'ori'

s. a jackal, nari; 2. the male of animals in general, vilangkeyu; 3. a queer fellow, a unique person; 4. lair of beasts, vilangku cekkai; 5. mane pitari mayir; 6. name of one of the 7. Kadaivallals; 8. a man's knot of hair.

oripolaza, to howl like a jackal.

Meaning of அரி

II. v. t. slice, cut, reap, அறு.

அரிதாள் (அரிந்ததாள்), stubble.
அரிநெல்லி, a tree with sour fruits.
அரிவாள்மணை, a kitchen instrument to cut vegetables, fish, etc.
கருக்கரிவாள், a jagged sickle.
வெட்டரிவாள், a crooked knife.
இரும்புத்தூணை செல்லரிக்குமா?, prov. will white ants eat an iron pillar?

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