Meaning of 'takar'

VI v. t. break to pieces, dash, destroy, noyukku; 2. defeat, vellu; 3. cuff the head, talaiyaik kuttu.

unnai nanyayt takarttuvituven, I shall give you a sound whipping.
unnaip pallai takarttu vituven, I will knock out your teeth.

Meaning of தகர்

தகரு, II v. i. be broken or crushed in pieces (as glass etc.) உடை; 2. be shattered, fractured, shivered, நொறுங்கு; 3. be knocked out as the teeth; 4. be broken as the ranks of an army.

தலைதகர இடிக்கிறது, I have a severe head-ache.
தகர அடிக்க, to break to pieces as a stone, cocoanut etc; 2. to defeat an enemy.
தகரவாங்கிப் போட, to raze a fort, house, hill etc.; to take away one's power or dignity.
தகர்ச்சி, தகர்வு, v. n. dilapidation, fracture, இடிவு.

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