Meaning of 'kutam'

s. concealment, privacy, mayaivu; 2. a secret, anything mysterious; 3. fraud, deception, falsehood; 4. a house, a hall, a parlour; 5. a side room; 6. a blacksmith's hammer, cam matti; 7. the peak of a mountain, malai yucci; 8. a heap or multitude, tiral; 9. the shell which is supposed to envelop the world, antakolakai.

kutamum vitum, the main (hall) and the side room.
kavaykutam, a prison.
yanaikkutam, elephant's stable.
visayam kutamayirukkiyatu, the affair is private, mysterious or secret.
kutapatam, a snake.

Meaning of கீடம்

s. worm, maggot, animalcule, புழு; 2. a kind of beetle, ஒரு வகை வண்டு.

கீடமணி, the glow worm, மின்மினி.
கீடப்பகை, wormkiller, common windberry.

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